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Automattic brings WordAds to Self-Hosted WordPress

Today, Automattic announced on their blog that they have released the AdControl plugin. With this plugin, any self-hosted WordPress site can earn income trough wordpress.com ad network: WordAds . WordAds is the Ad Network used on all WordPress.com hosted blogs. Normal users of hosted wordpress can’t opt out WordAds unless they are purchasing VIP or Premium […]

Is Adsense Dead for Blogs ?

Blogging can be an easy way to make some money online by sharing your knowledge. You don’t need any programming, designing, or tech skills to get started. You need to have some experience and be passionate about a subject. You start writing articles, tips, tricks, insights, your own experiences, share the posts with all your […]

Using the Internet to Fund Your Kids’ College Education

One of the things that every parent worries about is “am I really doing everything I can to ensure that I am properly planning for my child’s college education?” College is incredibly expensive. Even the state/publicly funded schools that used to be an affordable route for nearly everyone now cost upwards of $20K a year […]

What you need to start a website

I’ve talked a lot here on my blog about how easy is to start a website using wordpress content management system. Basically, it is easier than reading this post, but starting up a website with wordpress is not what you want. You don’t want a website, you want an online business, even if it is […]

How to Make Your Blog Pay Off

In recent days blogging is a common factor. Everyone started to create a site and do their own blog. But there is a big question does this blogging return money. Now many blogger started to earn money doing blogging. But everyone doesn’t know this opportunity of internet marketing. So, one must know how to make […]

How to make a lot of money with your website

If you don’t know the man in the image, he is Jeremy Schoemaker a top earner website owner. In This image he holds the biggest adsense check received ever. How he realized to earn so much ? He worked hard to build authority for his website and to make people to follow him. Now, he […]