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Entries for April, 2011

How to visually create a website

In my articles I talk a lot about how to make a website and how to customize design with references to html and css code tags. I write my articles thinking that most of my readers have basic knowledge of css and html and I assume they can find where the css style file is […]

Use Icons to make a Great Design

People love icons, they can figure out what a field represent or what a button does much easier. Either you develop a design for a website, or for a simple desktop application you have to use images to make it to look better and to improve significantly the user interface. For example, if you want […]

How memory is affecting your working experience

Memory is not only important for remembering things like to buy milk in your way home when you go back from work, or to call your accountant to tell him that something changed. If you learn a lot of things and your memory don’t help, you waste a lot of time. Although you can write […]

Let your visitors to convert word to pdf on your website

WordPress is so interesting because you can do so many things with so few clicks. Now, you can even provide your visitors with the ability to convert word documents to pdf with a simple and free plugin. I know that it is very simple to do this on your computer by installing few programs, but […]