In my articles I talk a lot about how to make a website and how to customize design with references to html and css code tags. I write my articles thinking that most of my readers have basic knowledge of css and html and I assume they can find where the css style file is located and how to change a width or color. I also have a good number of readers that are just starting out and they have no clue what I’m talking about when I’m trying to explain about coding.

WordPress platform is a great advantage to this type of users, most changes are done trough the administration panel and anyone can make a decent site/blog without any coding changes. However, wordpress is not the perfect solution for visual editing websites, it is rather perfect for quick creating websites for someone who knows some css, html and even php.

If you don’t know web coding and you want to make your own website, but you still want to arrange it in the way you want ( not in the way the template developer wants ), then you need a visual website builder. Now, it is very simple to make a website even if you don’t have a clue what css, html or php is. You select a template and you can start optimizing, you can select background color, text colors, menu colors, fonts and whatever you like to customize your new websites.

The content is also easy to add, once you have the layout done ( the menu, sidebars, header and footer ) you can go and manage your content. Any change you make will be reflected on all pages.

The software is not limited to making simple websites, you can also take advantage of eCommerce website builder,  If you want to make an ecommerce website as simple as you edit some colors.