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Entries for September, 2012

Best Slider Plugin for WordPress

Design is very important to any website. If your website design is not that good you can always re-do it, but it will cost you a lot of time and money. Probably you have seend websites with bad design but which are still looking good. This is because the images on the website that compensate. […]

How to Manage many WordPress Websites from the same place

Most of the WordPress users have more than one site. Even if it is only a personal blog, or a presentation website. Usually, webmasters are having 5-10 websites to manage at one time. Few of them are websites for main businesses, others are blogs, presentation websites or feeder blogs for main websites. ┬áIn all cases, […]

Why Updating WordPress is so Important

Several years ago wordpress was considered very insecure. It is an open source software, anyone can see the source code. This means that hackers can freely analyze the code for exploits. WordPress developers are working hard to keep it secure, but once in a while there are holes that no one tought of until some […]