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WordPress Geolocation Plugin

There are cases when you need to show different content to different users based on their country, or you want to restrict website usage for some areas in which you need to make use of geolocation. There are a lot of tools or apis you can use to accomplish this but you must implement it […]

How to maximize your Affiliate revenue

If you are in Internet Marketing for some time, you know that you can make more money from your website with affiliate links rather than displaying ads. Ads are very easy to set-up, you just place the ad codes in hot areas of your site and then you just keep checking the earnings. Placing affiliate […]

Is Adsense Dead for Blogs ?

Blogging can be an easy way to make some money online by sharing your knowledge. You don’t need any programming, designing, or tech skills to get started. You need to have some experience and be passionate about a subject. You start writing articles, tips, tricks, insights, your own experiences, share the posts with all your […]

Promote your website through your own content

I bet that you often think that you give so much to the world and that you get in return only few bucks from Google Adsense. Then you heard that you can make more money if you ask people to subscribe to your list so you can send them offers. If you place a subscription […]

Best Related Posts Plugin for WordPress

Since I started working with wordpress more than 7 years ago, for most of the blogs and website I created I needed an option to show related posts at the end of every article. The default is a list of 4 or 5 posts related to the current post, shown at the end of the […]

Earn More Money from Affiliate Marketing

I first published a website online in 2006. Since then, I am looking for ways to promote my website and ways to monetize it. During this journey I have build several established websites and I have tested many methods to generate revenue from the traffic I was receiving. At the begining, contextual ads seemed to […]

How to build a WordPress plugin from scratch

WordPress have a great API for plugin developers. You can practically do anything with wordpress data, but first, you need to understand how the filters and actions work. You also need to know some minimal things that you have to add in any plugin to make it work. I will first start describing how the […]

Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO has been released

After a long period of deveoping and testing, Wp Auto Affiliate Links PRO is finally here. The plugin will help any blog or website owner to generate more income trough affiliate links. It will automatically get affiliate links from Amazon, Clickbank, Shareasale or any other custom affiliate network and intelligently add them trough the content. […]

Best Slider Plugin for WordPress

Design is very important to any website. If your website design is not that good you can always re-do it, but it will cost you a lot of time and money. Probably you have seend websites with bad design but which are still looking good. This is because the images on the website that compensate. […]

Internal WordPress Stats or External Analytics

Tracking visitors is something that anyone should care about. The more information you have about your visitors the better is for you. If you run your website or blog on wordpress you can choose to have a plugin that will deliver the stats directly to your admin panel, or to use an external analytics software […]