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WordPress Geolocation Plugin

There are cases when you need to show different content to different users based on their country, or you want to restrict website usage for some areas in which you need to make use of geolocation. There are a lot of tools or apis you can use to accomplish this but you must implement it […]

How to register a shortcode in WordPress

In WordPress you can’t add php code into posts by default. Sure, you can use Exec-PHP plugin that will let you do that but it is not the best option. A community accepted way to add some advanced code, or show something depending on the status of the user viewing the post can be achieved […]

The best free way to add membership ability to your WordPress website

With wordpress being more and more popular, the need to do more advanced things grows as well. Simple websites, simple blogs that become popular posting articles or doing something else want to expand their reach and add more features and functionality to websites. A point that every website reach at a certain moment is to […]

The Best Contact Form plugin in WordPress

The contact forms are needed for every website and i can trully say that it is the most used type of plugin ( except Akismet ). The number of developed plugins for wordpress has grown a lot this year. At the end of 2009 there was about 7000 plugins in wordpress plugin directory and now […]

How to turn your WordPress Website into a Social Network

I like WordPress and i like the way i can do things in WordPress. This is the reason i always look for ways to do greater things with WordPress. Few weeks ago i proved that you can make a full featured Social Bookmarking Website with wordpress. Today i will show you how you can build […]