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Entries for September, 2011

A better way to find good wordpress themes

I talked many times about Genesis, a framework which adds a lot of functionalities to wordpress. With genesis you can manage the content and the layout of your site much better. Unfortunately, if you want to customize the look and feel of Genesis, you can either start from the default genesis template and then modify […]

Top 10 WordPress themes 2011

Well as time has passed, so have advances been made in all fields of activity. Since dwelling in the past is quite a rough way to live your life, time to get a reality check and look at what today’s BEST WordPress themes are. This edition focuses mostly on the themes that could be life-saving if […]


BuddyPress is a small plugin that allows you to build your own social network and integrate it in your website. It is very useful if you plan to create your own network for a certain office space or a sports team or any other small to medium place that more people frequent.

WordPress Jetpack Plugin

The WordPress JetPack Plugin super charges your home built WordPress site so that it has almost the same power as the site built through WordPress.com. It is a great plugin, a MUST even, for every site.

Excessive Copyright

Now whenever you create something important or good, naturally you want that something to be recognized by people as being YOURS. That is when you place a copyright or something similar in it. I am not against that. Personally, I encourage it. Take pride in your work and let the others know it belongs to […]


WPTouch This plugin is very useful for the programmer on the go. And already this is starting to look like and sound like a TV commercial, but I can assure you this is more than just that.