I first published a website online in 2006. Since then, I am looking for ways to promote my website and ways to monetize it. During this journey I have build several established websites and I have tested many methods to generate revenue from the traffic I was receiving.

At the begining, contextual ads seemed to be the most secure way to generate some revenue. I tought that even if I have 20 visitors a day I can make some cents from Google Adsense. It wasn’t a good thinking because the ads were not adding any value to my website and it looked cheap and unprofessional. When the traffic grows, the few cents that I made turned into few dollars a day, but it was still much lower than what I expected.

Then, I moved into affiliate marketing and I started to endorse products. It was a good way to generate revenue because I only recommend products that I like. Every sale can generate a $50 comission on average. Sending some traffic to the offers enabled me to make more money than I ever made with display advertising. However, only a small part of my websites was generating that revenue, because the links appeared only on the posts where the products were endorsed.

To make all my content to pay, I had to come with a better idea. This is how Wp Auto Affiliate Links was created. It is a good way to display affiliate links in the whole content. This way I was generating much more money than I did before. I hope that the plugin will also help others to make more money from affiliate marketing.