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Promote your website through your own content

I bet that you often think that you give so much to the world and that you get in return only few bucks from Google Adsense. Then you heard that you can make more money if you ask people to subscribe to your list so you can send them offers. If you place a subscription […]

First 10 Things to do immediately after you install WordPress

WordPress comes as a plug-and-play option for blogs and websites. While for normal websites you have to arrange your content, add pages and other stuff, on a blog you can just start blogging about whatever subject you want. Let’s assume that you already have a theme and you installed it, what you do now. 

Tips on Internet Network Marketing

Building up a successful internet network marketing business does not only rely on products and services. The success also depends on many important factors in the business environment. Factors like the business relationships that you build, the supporting team that you are working with and the business partners or adviser that help you establish strong solid ideas may […]

How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic and Links

I bet you hear many times every day that Social Media is powerful and you should not miss the opportunity to get into the boat. You read all over how powerful social media is and you already have a profile with lots of friends, a fan page for your website but no one is coming […]

Five plugins to make your blog viral, while protecting it from spam comment activities

WordPress provides a lot of extensions which often confuse fresh WP owners. Furthermore, a variety of plugins exist that serve identical main objective and have exactly the same capabilities. Here are some basic plugins to get you up and running, without hassle and complicated set up. WordPress itself is pretty diverse, but it is the […]

Build a Social Bookmarking website with WordPress

How many times you wanted to start your own Digg ? In case you don’t know digg is a social bookmarking website: Stories are submitted and others vote for stories they like. When a story reach a number of votes it gets promoted to the front page. It is widely known that if you get […]

Top 3 Social Bookmarking WordPress Plugins

Social networks are very important nowadays if we think about a  good marketing strategy. It is necessary to connect your visitors in social networks. They read one of your posts and they like it, most of them are too lazy to use a RSS reader or e-mail, but there is something that they are not […]