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Social Media Resources to Improve Your Search Rankings

If you’re still trying to rank your website by focusing on keyword density, backlink anchors and low-quality links, you’re in for a disappointment. Those techniques may have worked in the past, but search engines are changing rapidly. Today, it takes a lot more than “old-school” off-site SEO to rank well. With the widespread usage of […]

Who is Online: Top Profiles of Web-goers

business online team from Crestock Stock Images No matter where you go in life you face the possibility of being profiled. These profiles determine how people will interact with you, how information is retained and sent to you and how you are essentially handled by companies and other people. In the real world humans are […]

How to Leverage Social Media for Traffic and Links

I bet you hear many times every day that Social Media is powerful and you should not miss the opportunity to get into the boat. You read all over how powerful social media is and you already have a profile with lots of friends, a fan page for your website but no one is coming […]