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Use Icons to make a Great Design

People love icons, they can figure out what a field represent or what a button does much easier. Either you develop a design for a website, or for a simple desktop application you have to use images to make it to look better and to improve significantly the user interface. For example, if you want […]

How to add an image easily in every post

An image worth one thousand words. I like to add a descriptive image to every post i write. In this way i help my user to understand better what the post is about. While a good image is one that you create yourself to describe perfectly what the post is about, in most cases you […]

A simple way to add thumbnails to your posts

A sure thing is that people like images. They tend to look to a image or a video instead of reading something. They will read too, but it is unlikely to read something before they are catch with a big headline or an image. They don’t like to waste time, they want to read only […]

How many words your articles have

We are very fortunate that wordpress tell us as how long is the article ( in words ) as we type. Sometimes this can change our mood. After you worked hard to write the article, you look at the word counter and see 200 words it can be frustrating. On the other side, if you […]

Use lightbox plugin to enhance your images

The lightbox effect is when  you want to focus on a specific element on a webpage, everything else will go dark to highlight the one you want to focus on. On web pages, lightbox is used to show images, instead of opening a new browser window to view the image in full, you can use […]

Automatic add images to your post using Freebie Images plugin

An image worth one thousand words.  True. It is a very good practice to add at least one image to every of your blog posts, or pages. If you are describing something that you’ve done it is easy to take a screenshot or share an image made with your camera. There are post where you […]