Bench on Landscape

An image worth one thousand words.  True. It is a very good practice to add at least one image to every of your blog posts, or pages.

If you are describing something that you’ve done it is easy to take a screenshot or share an image made with your camera.

There are post where you don’t have a screenshot or camera image to show to your visitors. What to do ? You should add an image that at least can tell your visitors what it is about, what feeling you want to express in the post.

In this way your visitors can make a quick idea what the post is about, and then he will go to read your text headings. The image prepares your visitors with the mood or feeling needed to understand and like your post.

If you are not a full time blogger the procedure of searching for an image to fit into many locations is a pain. WordPress have many plugins that can improve this process.

Freebie images plugin will add the image search function into your wordpress administration panel. When you edit a post, you can search for images, preview them and then add to your post automatically.

The source of the images are free stock photos, you don’t have to worry about copyrights or so.

Another plugin that can search for photos for you, this time automated, is Zemanta. Zemanta has the source of images Wikipedia and it will auto search based on your post content. You should try both to see which gives you more accurate results.

I don’t like Zemanta too much for 2 reasons: it loads very very slowly, the add new post page and also slower the front-page of the blog, and it adds a lot of nasty html tags and i have to always go to the HTML editor and clean the code.

Add images to your post, write less words, and your readers will understand better.