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A simple way to add thumbnails to your posts

A sure thing is that people like images. They tend to look to a image or a video instead of reading something. They will read too, but it is unlikely to read something before they are catch with a big headline or an image. They don’t like to waste time, they want to read only […]

Why it’s better to show only a summary of the article on the front page

Blogs are everywhere so you must seen blogs who shows full posts on the blog front-page, and others who shows only a summary of the post and a link saying “Read more” or “Read the rest of this entry”. There is a lot of debate on this subject, but the type of display depends of […]

Best 4 Related Articles WordPress Plugins

Probably one of the easiest to build plugin is one that shows related posts at the end of the current article. In a future post i will show you how to ¬†build one by yourself. It is very easy, but why to bother when you have so many at your disposal. Let’s take a look […]