3D render of a man using a camera

A sure thing is that people like images. They tend to look to a image or a video instead of reading something.

They will read too, but it is unlikely to read something before they are catch with a big headline or an image. They don’t like to waste time, they want to read only trusted sources.

An image is good because it can describe what the post is about. While it is hard to create an image for every post, you can use free stock photos that will match the content.

An image is worth 1000 words, it is true, the image can describe much more than you can with words. You only make a summary.

While you can install plugins or set the theme in a way to add thumbnails to the blog homepage, i use a simple an effective way. I use freebie image plugin to search for free stock photos. Then i add the photo to the blog post,  align it to the left and make it smaller.

I use the more tag and the image with a portion of text will appear on the homepage. The image appears also on the single post page which is good for visitors that don’t come from the homepage.