Past few weeks I have been testing Kontera and InfoLinks to see who provide better ads and who generate more money. As you may know, sites or blogs with a lot of content are having a hard time earning revenue by PPC display advertising, like Google Adsense.

I ran the tests on a blog with a lot of content, with about 300 unique visitors a month, in mobile/gadget industry. There is not much traffic, but it is enough to make an idea about the revenue generated by the networks. Before I tell you the results, I will tell you something about Google Adsense results on the same blog. 

1. Google Adsense provides classic display advertising. You place the ads and people click of them. It is not that advanced, but most online advertisers are investing a lot of money in Adsense. This is why, on a regular month, 15-20$ are generated on the 300-visitors a day blog with a lot of content. I wanted to see if there are other options, that can generate more on the same website.

2. Kontera. It was the first to try. They are not displaying many links. About 2-3 on every article. There were very few clicks on the links, but they were paying well: about $0,50 for every click. After 2 weeks, I have generated a total of 3 clicks, totalling about $1,50 . This is very very low compared even to Google Adsense.

3. InfoLinks. When I first installed InfoLinks on the website, a lot of links were displayed ( about 10-20 per article ). I told myself that they should generate a lot of money. However, the results were very poor. About $1 generated after 2 weeks. Even lower than Kontera.


Despite Google Adsense does not work very well for blogs or rich content websites, they are still generating 10 times more revenue that in-content ad networks.