rendering of dna helix

WordPress Genesis is a theme framework that adds the functionality of about 20 plugins to your wordpress website.

It is designed to quick turn you wordpress into a website. Genesis have a lot of features that will help your website. For example: Breadcrumbs, customized menus, featured pages, featured posts, and others.

It also comes with a good basic design that you can extend using a child theme. A child theme is a theme created to use all functionalities from the parent theme, and changes only the css and maybe other needed things for it to work.

You already know that trouch CSS you can alter the design of a website in a manner that most can’t imagine. Child themes usually have the homepage of the blog changed to really look like a modern landing page.

When i talk about landing page you may think at the old landing pages with only one column, a big red headline and then filled with pictures and videos, testimonials trying to convince you how a 20 page e-book will change your life.

A moderd landing page, is a page where you do some graphic work where you explain how your software or website works, eventually in 3 steps, or you just simply put a grafic image and a headline to tell your visitor why he is there and near the image you have your call to action.

The call to action can be a “buy now” button or “start now”, or a simple lead form.

I made a video for you to make a better idea what is genesis about.

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