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Is WordPress Turning more into a Framework lately ?

WordPress has been always known to be a blogging platform. In past few years, wordpress was known to be a great content management system, or in other words, a platform for websites. But today, I can say that WordPress is turning into a great framework. ┬áTo better understand what I am trying to prove here, […]

Best Fashion WordPress Theme

If you want to make a website related to fashion, style and celebrities, or if you already have one and you are looking for a face lifting, you need a good template that is simple and elegant in the same time. It is not an easy search, but I’ve searched enough and I found Fashion […]

Drag & Drop WordPress Theme Builder

WordPress is about setting up a website with minimal effort and in the shortest time possible. Advanced features can be added trough plugins which most are available free of charge at a click distance. The content can be added trough a great interface. Practically, anyone can make a website with wordpress. The problem starts when […]

How to Create Drag & Drop WordPress Themes

If you want to start a wordpress website but you don’t know HTML and CSS you depend on your programmer. For every small thing you want to change you have to call him again, ask him to do, wait until he reach the computer and then see the changes to see what is to be […]

Platform vs Framework

In my programming experience I’ve worked on many platforms and i’ve used many frameworks. The difference between a framework and a platform is described by the verbe i used in the first sentence. You work on a platform. You use a framework. This is the conceptual difference. The Framework gives you a set of tools […]

Should i use a theme framework for WordPress ?

This question raises to many webmasters that want to start a new website using wordpress. There is not an universal answer, it depends on what you want to do with your website. It also depends on you technical skills. If you want just to kick off a simple blog to post your toughts or you […]

How to make your wordpress more Website friendly with Genesis

WordPress Genesis is a theme framework that adds the functionality of about 20 plugins to your wordpress website. It is designed to quick turn you wordpress into a website. Genesis have a lot of features that will help your website. For example: Breadcrumbs, customized menus, featured pages, featured posts, and others. It also comes with […]