WordPress has been always known to be a blogging platform. In past few years, wordpress was known to be a great content management system, or in other words, a platform for websites. But today, I can say that WordPress is turning into a great framework.  To better understand what I am trying to prove here, you should know some more things about platforms and frameworks.  A platform is something that you can use and build on. A framework is a set of tools that you can use to build something. 

Despite it was always a platform, and it still is, there were many tools provided to developers to build something better starting from a minimal blog-like website. WordPress is mostly used in a classic platform way: install it, create a theme on it, select plugins, add your content and then tweak step by step. But, lately, there are more and more features that are added to wordpress which makes me think that WordPress is more and more a framework.

When you install wordpress you get the same basic features. But there are a lot of tools that you can use to make greater things. These features are the ones that empower a framwork. So, today, WordPress is both a platform and a framework. It is a platform because you can install it and run your blog or website instantly and later build up on what you already have. It is a framework too because you have a lot of tools available that will help you to achieve greater things.

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