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Is WordPress Turning more into a Framework lately ?

WordPress has been always known to be a blogging platform. In past few years, wordpress was known to be a great content management system, or in other words, a platform for websites. But today, I can say that WordPress is turning into a great framework. ┬áTo better understand what I am trying to prove here, […]

The Best Blogging Platforms on the Web

A blog, without any doubt, can transform a simple and common individual into instant artist, critic, businessman, and celebrity. A blog has the power to disseminate, spread, and broadcast an idea to any location through the Internet. Because of the countless blogging platforms available on the Web, people become more and more interested in creating […]

3 Reasons why I choose WordPress

A lot of people are asking me what content management system I recommend and I always say WordPress. It is my choose and I will stick with it, but there are some people that ask me why I choose WordPress. It is not a simple question because there are a lot of advantages that makes […]

Platform vs Framework

In my programming experience I’ve worked on many platforms and i’ve used many frameworks. The difference between a framework and a platform is described by the verbe i used in the first sentence. You work on a platform. You use a framework. This is the conceptual difference. The Framework gives you a set of tools […]