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In my programming experience I’ve worked on many platforms and i’ve used many frameworks. The difference between a framework and a platform is described by the verbe i used in the first sentence.

You work on a platform. You use a framework. This is the conceptual difference. The Framework gives you a set of tools to help you write the code faster and better, while the platform gives you the website in a basic form so you can work on it.

For example when you want to build a website in PHP and Mysql you have to write the queries, you have to write the user log-in, registration, almost everything. Using a php framework this things are much easier to do, you have only to write few lines and the Framework knows what to do. A frameworks helps you to write code more efficiently.

On the other hand, the platforms have the basic things done, and they will provide you with basic functions to extend the platform more easy. The real difference is that a good Framework may give you better tools to write efficiently, but if you install a platform it works as it is and you’re work can resume to installing a new theme so the website to look different.

There are many cases when you have advanced requirements, but the platform also can be extended, but in that case you have to take some time to analyze the code.

I like platforms. They have another advantage: if the community around the platform is good, you can use many plugins already done by other community members making your job much easier. I was used to wait for some kind of Artificial Intelligence to replace the work done by programmers, but it seems i have to write code less and less when the world is using more and more platforms.