A lot of people are asking me what content management system I recommend and I always say WordPress. It is my choose and I will stick with it, but there are some people that ask me why I choose WordPress.

It is not a simple question because there are a lot of advantages that makes me to use WordPress but I don’t have time to tell something about each advantage, and I have to think if what I say worth something to the person who listen. I want to tell to people that ask me the most important advantages of WordPress. I want to be short and clear, this is what makes a message powerful.

Here is my list of top 3 mai reason why I choose WordPress and stick with it.


The community around a product is very important. If it is too small then a lot of problems will occur. The themes, plugins and tutorials are developed by community. If there is no community there are no themes, no plugins and no tutorials, you have to learn and make  everything from scratch, which is not such a good idea today when you also need speed when doing things.

A lot of frameworks and platforms were developed in the past years, some of them with impressive communities around, but from all of them I can point out that the WordPress Community is the greatest. I bet that there are more wordpress templates than simple html templates. You can find a plugin for everything you may thing of. It is also true that you need to tweak the things a little bit, but you can have 90% of the work done before you really start to work.

Ease of use.

WordPress is easy to be used by anyone who knows how to use the computer at a moderate level. It is so easy that I can practically learn someone to use the administration panel in a matter of minutes. The menu, the fields are self explanatory and most people will figure out for themselves what they have to do. It is enough to say: “Go to administration panel and add a new post” and any normal person can do it without more questions.

Simple to code.

The way things are managed in the wordpress code are so smart that someone who see it for the first time can know where to change things, assuming that he knows some php. You can practically output a lot of things with a simple calls to already build functions.

The themes and plugins are very easy to be modified and changed due to the actions and template tags system built in wordpress that let’s you to easy add things where you want. I know that this way of thinking will let a plugin to do a lot of damage to your wordpress website, but you should only install plugins your really trust.