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3 Reasons why I choose WordPress

A lot of people are asking me what content management system I recommend and I always say WordPress. It is my choose and I will stick with it, but there are some people that ask me why I choose WordPress. It is not a simple question because there are a lot of advantages that makes […]

Why I decided to move all my websites to WordPress

Until 3 months ago, i used to build sites on normal HTML templates that i selected from the web. First i made a header.php file, sidebar.php file, footer.php file, things were simple, until the SEO started to concern me. At that point i realized that is a bad idea to have the same title for […]

WordPress guide: admin panel explained

The wordpress CMS is the best user friendly content management system around here. You can get your website up and running in 15 minutes with wordpress. The wordpress administration panel is very easy to understand, but there are people that still having some problems using it. After wordpress installation, if you want to maximize the […]

Are you happy with actual wordpress default RTE editor ?

The wordpress editor is good. You have basic things that you use 99% of times, you can upload images, embed media, almost everything. It is probably the best i have ever used. Well, but i’m still unhappy with it, why ? Because it auto format the text and removes any <br> or empty divs from […]

Enhance your wordpress writing with Editor Extender plugin

Today i want to talk about an option to extend features of current wordpress RTE editor. We all like RTE editor, but some of us will want something better, for example tables, or other features that the current editor does not have. I found Editor Extender and i will give it a test and a […]

Built-in wordpress RTE editor don’t recognize wordpress

This is not a technical issue, it is a funny one. If you write an article about wordpress on a wordpress based blog you will see that when you run spell checker, al words “wordpress” will be marked as errors. Who matters ? Well, i think this is not a problem for wordpress but it […]