Today i want to talk about an option to extend features of current wordpress RTE editor. We all like RTE editor, but some of us will want something better, for example tables, or other features that the current editor does not have.

I found Editor Extender and i will give it a test and a review.

After installation, if you want additional options to be added, you have to enable them manually in Editor Extender settings page.

Advanced Horizontal Rule

This option allows you to specify the width and height of the horizondal rule you want to add. The width can be in px or percent.

Advanced Link

This feature enhances the “Insert Link” with some advanced features. Now you can set the target of the link to be in the parent windows or withing a frame. You can also add anchor to that link, you can make it to show as a pop-up. Additional options to add javascript actions to the link: onclick, onnblur, etc. Adds option to add a css ID, Class and other things.

This is probably the most exciting feature in editor extender.


Well, this is not such a great features for regular blogs, it is an IM feature that i don’t think it’s place would be on a CMS editor. But, if you want to add more personality to your blog maybe you will find it useful.

Insert Date/Time

This new feature in the editor allows you to easily enter the date and time into your posts.


This should be the most powerful ability of this extension, but unfortunatelly, it did not worked. It seems that there are some problems and some work is still to be done until this feature will be functionally.

Edit CSS style

This is also something very useful, you can change the CSS style of a portion of the text directly from the editor.

There are also other features in this extension, but i pointed the most important ones. Maybe you will find some of them very useful while you will find others useless or broken. Maybe you will find other plugins and hacks usefull to enhance your wordpress RTE editor.