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This question raises to many webmasters that want to start a new website using wordpress. There is not an universal answer, it depends on what you want to do with your website. It also depends on you technical skills.

If you want just to kick off a simple blog to post your toughts or you are unsure what you want to do you can go with a simple theme, but if you want to start a serious website and you don’t have high programming skills you should seriously think to use a theme framework.

What are the advantages of using a Theme Framework:

  • You can set advanced features like menus, breadcrumbs, featured post slider, social bookmaking directly from admin panel without changing a line of code
  • They provide advanced functionality that replace most common plugins
  • You can edit a lot of things directly from admin panel
  • You website will be well optimized for search engines ( SEO ) without using additional plugins
  • You can easily set to see an welcome page as homepage where you can describe your website before you send your visitors to your main content.
  • You can easily set up a website that is not looking blog-like.

Disadvantages for using a theme framwork

  • If you are a tech savvy you will find it hard to change things that are set trough the admin panel
  • Some things cannot be changed easily from code

If you want to give a try to a theme framework i  recommend Genesis Theme Framework. You can also read a comprehensive Genesis Theme Framework review.

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