When you run a blog, you have probably hundreds or thousands articles, one longer than other. I bet that from all those articles there are a dozen of them which stand out, that were cited by a great blogger, or in a popular forum and receive a lot of traffic. There are posts that attract people to your blog, but if you analyze the entrance pages where people come for the first time on your website, you can notice that more than half of your first time visitors are on other articles, probably there are a few on each article but with all that content there is an important number of visitors that come, read and go.

These visitors are coming mostly from search engines because they typed in the search box a couple of words that are found on your page and probably in a simillar order. They are very targeted and focused, they know what they need to find out, they read what they want, they solve their issue and they leave. Most of them are leaving.

I bet that you asked yourself at least once: “How can I monetize this type of traffic?”. I’ve asked myself hundred of times, and finally I came up with an answer. You may think that the easy way is to place some ads that all visitors can see, but on a regular blog, ads are not working so wel and you may end up with few bucks at the end of the month. My solution was to place at least one relevant affiliate link in every old post that is attracting traffic. After I’ve added a link to 10 posts I stopped because it took too much time.

I didn’t quit trying and I came up with WP Auto Affiliate Links, a wordpress plugin that I’ve developed to meet my needs. The plugin automatically add affiliate links to keywords I specify. For example if I want to place a link to amazon to all posts that contain the “android” word, I go to the admin panel, write the keyword and link in the designed fields and that’s it, all posts will have the affiliate link on the “android” keyword. You can do it too, just download the plugin from the wordpress plugin directory and start to cash in.