Selling your WordPress skills online is a great way to make good money, money that you can save in a bank that offers high interest rates to grow your earnings and accrue interest. However, in order to market your WordPress skills on the web, there are certain things that you need to do. In the following article we look into three such things that you can do to making the most out of your skills in terms of money…

1. Start a Blog


If you’re trying to market your WordPress skills, it only makes sense to have your own WordPress blog. But that’s not the real reason as to why you should start your blog. The biggest benefit of doing so is that you’ll have a platform to create and publish quality content that showcases your expertise. As you publish more and more content, it allows you to build your brand value overtime and increase your reach.


For example, if you’re a WordPress developer who is into developing WordPress plugins, then you can start a blog where you teach other developers the trick of the trade. The key here is to give away valuable information so that you are seen as an expert. As your blog grows and becomes popular, it will not only draw in visitors from the search engines but will also bring in referral traffic.


2. Leverage Social Media


Just the way good credit card offers come to someone with a good credit line, clients/customers come to those WordPress professionals who have a good online reputation. And one of the easiest ways to build your reputation on the Internet is to become active on the social media scene.


By leveraging social media sites such as Facebook/Twitter and sharing useful information you not only build and grow your band, but also let your target audience know that you’re serious about your business. You send across a positive message to them, making it easier for them to connect to and give you their trust.


3. Build Connections


When it comes to successfully selling your WordPress skills, you can’t ignore the importance of building connections in the industry. By getting to know other WordPress professionals, it becomes easy to find clients and customers. Because marketing in a way is creating worthwhile relationships that you can leverage.


Not only do good connections help you get more projects, but they also offer you their share of experience. They help you in more than one way. For example, if you design WordPress themes, then you could partner with other influential bloggers to market these themes and end up with bigger projects. The more connections you build, the easier it will be for you to market your skills.


Every WordPress professional should know that creating a strong business starts with building a firm foundation. By applying the above tips you will be able to build this foundation and market your WordPress services professionally; with greater ease.