opinions-of-peopleVery often I find this question on forums: “Which is the best content management system ?”. Despite the WordPress popularity, first answers seem to feature Joomla as the best content management system. The posters usually have good arguments, despite they probably never used wordpress for comparision. If they use WordPress once, they will use it again and again for sure.

However, when wordpress responses are coming, the posters simply resume to say “definitely wordpress”, or “wordpress is the best”. They don’t have arguments ? or they don’t have to convince anyone. Maybe the reason why Joomla users are giving so much arguments is that they want to convince themselves that they made the right choice. 

WordPress is not good at only one thing. People use wordpress for different purposes: for blogs, simple websites, ecommerce websites, q&a websites, social bookmarking, social networks, job offer websites, etc. It is both simple and complex, versatile.

The truth is that to get the maximum out of wordpress, it is better to know some basic html and css coding, and some php and javascript programming. For sure, the community behinf wordpress is much more developed than any other CMS community, with more than 23000 free plugins, and more than 1500 free themes only in their official directory. As you know the wordpress directory does not allow paid plugins.

More, the wordpress admin panel, text editor, media manager is not noob proof, so simple users may have a hard time working with it. But anyway, think about your clients, will the CEO or Online manager update the content on their site ? Even if it is freakin simple to update the website, they will give this work to someone who knows this stuff better, or to someone who have time to spend learning.