On 27 May 2013, WordPress will celebrate 10 years of existence. WordPress became popular as a blogging platform very fast. In 2005 I created my first wordpress template for a client. Despite wordpress was used only as a blog, starting with 2007 it was also used as a content management system. In 2006, I coded something for wordpress multi-user for the first time.

For me, the move to wordpress from simple html/php sites or from Joomla was a very good move. I was able to to bigger things with much less time. Joomla is another content management system, they have some built-in features but if you want to get out of their box, it is very hard. I like to think outside the box and WordPress fit just right with my mentality. Today, I can’t imagine my work without wordpress.

There will be many anniversary meetups dedicated to wordpress, if you wish to join. Also, there are anniversary clothes for this special moment. You can check more on this official post.