If you are looking to buy a web hosting account you may be wondering why some shared accounts cost 15$ while other can be as low as 2$/month. Sometimes it happens to be this difference from 2 shared hosting plans from the same web hosting company.

They are only selling those plans having in mind that in next 3 or 6 months you will upgrade. The most used technique is to limit the number of domains you can host on the server to 1. This means if you want to build another website you have whether to upgrade your web site hosting plan or buy another hosting account. I bet that you would like to upgrade it and that you will launch another website 3 months after you started your first one.

Be aware that some hosting companies don’t even disclose that. They may accept more domains to be pointed to the same hosting account, but they won’t let you to point it to a subdirectory, so it is the same as in the case where you are not allowed to have more domains on the same web hosting account.

There might be other issues that will make you to want to upgrade the next second after you buy so be aware.