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Best WordPress Theme for Auto Blogs and Websites

WordPress community is so big that you can find a theme for any type of website you want to build: fashion website, gadget blog, wedding website, etc. In most topics you will find so many specific themes that it will be very hard for you to decide. If you want to build an auto website […]

Custom Themes vs Premium Themes in Wordpres

WordPress is about speed. Most people try wordpress because you can get a website up and running very fast. It is very true, but after the first use, most people stick with it for more complex stuff too. When you start a website, you want to get it ready in less time, but to have […]

Is a custom design worth it for your blog ?

If you are just starting a blog or a website you need to launch it as soon as you can. You don’t have time to wait for a custom website design and advanced features. First you need to test and learn more about the market you get into. To accomplish this the best way is […]

How Often Should A Business Redesign Their Website?

A website represents the biggest and most important Internet presence for your business. With social media’s increasing influence on the digital world, static content is no longer enough to hold the interest of potential customers. Any time growth or change comes to your business, it’s important to consider redesigning your website. Intuitive Layout There comes […]

Best Place to get Professional WordPress Themes from 1$

If you are not already aware of themeforest.com you should start browsing it. It is a place where you can find over 3000 Professional premium wordpress themes for prices starting from 1$ only. The themes are divided in categories based on the use case for any theme: presentation theme, blog theme, product page, landing page […]

The First Essential Step for Every Website to Succeed

Before you start creating a website you need a visual identity. If you build a website for an existing business it is very simple: you request a logo from the client and make the design based on it. If you start a website on it’s own, you need to create the logo first. The logo […]

A great place to get Custom WordPress Themes

While i was browsing the web to find a good theme for a website i work on i stumbled on a good wordpress resource website. I’ve found there a lot of nice wordpress themes built entirely by the site owner. The themes are simple, clean and you can use on any type of blog or […]

Top 7 Places to Search for Free WordPress Themes

First thing that you do after you install WordPress is to search for a suitable and good looking template to use on your website. Most of the time people look to get them from the WordPress theme directory. Although you can find great themes into official directory, you will have a hard time  to search. […]

How to use firebug to improve your bog design

In this video i will show you how to use firebug to improve the proccess of design editing. The most important feature of firebug is that you can change things and see the results immediately. The design is mostly about experiments, you make it and the you take a look. If you like it you […]