Before you start creating a website you need a visual identity. If you build a website for an existing business it is very simple: you request a logo from the client and make the design based on it.

If you start a website on it’s own, you need to create the logo first. The logo creation is not easy. You can make the logo in numerous ways and colors but the hardest part is to decide what to use as visual identity.

If you have a website about cars, you would like to have a car in the logo, so people will associate the image better with your business. Avoid getting trapped in this step. If you search trough most big companies logos you will find that there are no cars, dogs or any other thing that tells to visitors what the website is about.

You need something to create the logo on. Most companies have a logo based on the first letter of their name. The logo is very important because it will be used anywhere, on sites you advertise, on offline campaigns. Your logo will be associated with your name and that will remain.

A bad logo may lead people to think that your website is not one to be trusted, so if you want to impress your visitors you need a professional logo.

Long story short, the logo is something very important and it will worth every penny to invest in it’s development. The best is to get this done by a professional designer, either you can find one on a outsourcing website, or contact one you already know. I’ve recently found a website that will make the logo for you, it is pixellogo. Don’t hesitate to give it a try.