When you start writing about something, you have to be well informed. Even if it is a subject that you know about, you need to see what happened recently about it. You don’t want to write any innacurate information on your post. If you write innacurate info, you either bring the reader into error, or they will notice instantly and they mark your content as “old” or “wrong”, and probably they won’t visit your blog again.

Research is not that easy. You have to check different sources, to understand exactly how it works, what others are saying about this. So, you have to check google to see the most relevant articles about the subject, you have to check wikipedia, news, social media talk, images about the subject, etc.  A lot of work to do, huh ?

Well, there is something that makes all this work easier. It is called RTBot. You enter a subject that you want to get results for, and you can select trough different types of results: Videos, Images, Wikipedia, Twitter, Social media, News, Documents and Blogs. It will make all your work easier because you don’t have to enter every site to do your research. Now, you can have it all in one place.

The address if RTBot is: http://www.rtbot.net . Happy Researching.