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Entries for March, 2010

How many words your articles have

We are very fortunate that wordpress tell us as how long is the article ( in words ) as we type. Sometimes this can change our mood. After you worked hard to write the article, you look at the word counter and see 200 words it can be frustrating. On the other side, if you […]

Split testing in WordPress

Split testing is a technique used by website marketers to find the optimal page layout for maximizing conversion rate. Conversion rate can be a sale, a lead, an user registration, a click somewhere. When you make a change to a website you can’t be sure of it’s impact until you see the results. Before people […]

How to quick backup wordpress website

The greatest fear of webmasters, along the fear with being kicked out from google, is that you lose you website. If you lose 1 article or some work you won’t mind, but if you lose everything it is a great problem. It can be the end. Better safe than sorry. There are small chances that […]

When you know it is time to move to a new Host

Like all bloggers and webmasters you start either with a shared hosting, wither you ask a friend if he can help you with hosting for your site. You assume that your website will not generate too much traffic. It is true, a shared hosting can be the best choice. A shared hosting means that on […]

Use a caching plugin on wordpress to avoid server load when

If you are on a shared server and you want to prevent your site going down due to massive traffic that comes to your wordpress you may consider installing a plugin that caches your pages. WordPress is keeping all the data into a mysql database. The database connections are very slow sometimes and use the […]

Genesis WordPress Theme Framework Review

Last week i had a client who liked a child theme for genesis, provided by studiopress and i had to work with genesis theme framework. Now i want to share with you how it was to work with genesis and where is good at. My first impression was that it was somewhat built for wordpress […]

Use lightbox plugin to enhance your images

The lightbox effect is when  you want to focus on a specific element on a webpage, everything else will go dark to highlight the one you want to focus on. On web pages, lightbox is used to show images, instead of opening a new browser window to view the image in full, you can use […]

Automatic add images to your post using Freebie Images plugin

An image worth one thousand words.  True. It is a very good practice to add at least one image to every of your blog posts, or pages. If you are describing something that you’ve done it is easy to take a screenshot or share an image made with your camera. There are post where you […]

Why it’s better to show only a summary of the article on the front page

Blogs are everywhere so you must seen blogs who shows full posts on the blog front-page, and others who shows only a summary of the post and a link saying “Read more” or “Read the rest of this entry”. There is a lot of debate on this subject, but the type of display depends of […]

Show your photo on blogs you are commenting to

It is impossible to not notice that on many blogs some commentators have a photo and others don’t. You may think that the respective authors have users registered on that blog. That is not true, the current version of wordpress don’t support author photo. They have photos on their comments because they use gravatar service. […]