In most aspects of life, age does not seem to work in your favour for example, as you get older, you health insurance premium gets higher. But in some other aspects, for example with wine, the more a wine age, the better it is considered to be. The wine example seem to be the order of the day when it comes to the Internet web directories, this is why UK Website Directoryby Wura is one of the best web directory in the UK; it is 12 years old.

Age is not the only thing going for Wura directory, it is one of the few directories that is actually reviewed and sites suggested for inclusion are manually checked to ensure quality and integrity of sites approved for inclusion.

The site is divided into categories and sub categories so that website owners suggesting their site will easily find the best category, visitors to the site will also find out that the various categories and sub categories help the find information very quickly, of course visitors can also use the built in search facility to do a quick search.

Apart from the web directory which is the main part of the site, Wura also boast of a blog. The Wura blog section bring readers extend information about some of the sites listed in the directory and detailed information and discussion on topical issues.