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Is Outsourcing the SEO worth it ? Choosing Individual, Companies or Resellers.

Search Engine Optimization is very important for blogs and websites. All the big bloggers and websites reached that level with the help of SEO. When you start a blog or a website you can buy ads, promote your new domain to press releases, pay bloggers to blog about you. You get a good amount of […]

How to promote your website and win money at the same time: Guest Post contests

A very good way to get traffic and links to your website is trough guest posting. You write an unique article and send it to a bigger blog and you will be allowed to write a description about yourself, where you will add a link to your website with the anchor your want. The amount […]

Branding your WordPress blog

“Branding” is basically the process of giving a market identity to a product. For blogs, it’s essential. Not all WordPress blogs look alike, but with common themes and way too many cookie cutter templates, anything which makes your blog stand out is a plus. For marketing purposes, you have to do a lot more than […]

Controversy Digital Point Co-Op Network recommended in Aaron Wall SeoBook

There is a lot of controversy around the digitalpoint co-op network which promises visitors that they will get million of links indexed. For who doesn’t know the co-op network is a service provided by digitalpoint, the same one who provide one of the biggest webmaster related forums. The co-op network is practically a link-farm very […]

The Best Tools to Analyze your SEO Ranks and Competition

People are frequenting asking me what tool I use to check my rankings, competing sites rankings or websites where I might be interested to put my link to. What I dislike is when they cme to me and ask: “Do you use the XYZ seo spyware/spy glass/ competition finder/other fancy and long name tool to […]