I currently run several websites and also help some friends to run theirs. Most of the websites I run are content based: articles and stories on certain topics, mainly about computers. Content websites are simply to maintain, they don’t require too advanced skills but they still take a lot of time.

When it comes to get something out of your blog, it is not so easy. The most spread way to monetizeĀ is ad display but we both know how bad it is for content websites. People come, read the text and then go away. I tried many methods to display ads, in-text ads but no one seems to work so far.

What works for cntent websites is affiliate marketing. I recommend a lot of tools or software to be used for the topic I’m writing about and some of these tools are paid and most of them offer me the possibility to post an affiliate link that will earn me a comission when a sale occurs. From time to time I recommend a product and post my affiliate link into it. And this works well for content driven websites.

Lately, I was looking for new ways to take advantage of affiliate products and to improve the earnings of my websites. When the content is written I reference products or tools where I don’t post the affiliate link. I focus a lot on the content and I forget to add an affiliate link to every word where it is possible.

The most common thing I heard from my friends is that their website got popular but they are failing to monetize it. The solution I propose is to add affiliate links to articles, both new and old ones, but they are not following my advice because it is pretty hard to edit 300 articles and add few links that may generate a commission to every one.

I come with the solution for these. In past few days I developed a WordPress plugin that will automatically parse the content and add affiliate link to keywords chosen by you.

How it works: After you install the plugin, go to “Manage Affiliate Links” in your Settings menu, and there you can add any link and some keyphrases ( separated by comma ) where to add it. When your content is shown, the plugin will search trough the content for the keyphrase you entered and will add the link over it.

I called the plugin: WP Auto Affiliate Links. If you want to give it a try go and get the plugin.

The plugin is still in an initial development phase and I’m still working to add new features and fix bugs, so if you have any suggestion or any bug you found please report it to me asap so I can fix it soon. I appreciate your help.