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Where you can find the best traffic generation techniques and secrets

The most important part of any website ( more important than your content ) is traffic that comes to it. If you have a great design it could mean nothing that no one is visiting your website, but if you have a decent design and traffic comes you can get their feedback to improve your […]

How to promote a local website

In a full of spam Internet and when there are already millions of blogs created it is very hard to promote a new website. There are not many places where you can submit your link to, but if you read the right books you will find out what you need to do in order to […]

How to promote your website and win money at the same time: Guest Post contests

A very good way to get traffic and links to your website is trough guest posting. You write an unique article and send it to a bigger blog and you will be allowed to write a description about yourself, where you will add a link to your website with the anchor your want. The amount […]

Five Things to Consider Before You Start Marketing Your Website

Before you start marketing your website there are a few things that you must consider first. Only a madman will go out there and start spending money on pay per click advertising and writing articles to get back links and so on without having a clear and defined path to take. For example you need […]

Technology for marketing and advertising

TFM&A is essential for the marketers and advertisers every year. It is an event that is taking place since 10 years. This mega event is supposed to be the most important in UK for businesses to introduce, show and explain their ambition and work structure. Every year in this event new technology for marketing and advertising are explained […]

Branding your WordPress blog

“Branding” is basically the process of giving a market identity to a product. For blogs, it’s essential. Not all WordPress blogs look alike, but with common themes and way too many cookie cutter templates, anything which makes your blog stand out is a plus. For marketing purposes, you have to do a lot more than […]

Promote your website with sponsored reviews

If you want to launch a website, service or product, or you simple want to get more visitors to your current website, getting reviewed is a great way. If you are in business for some time, or you worked as a marketer for other website you know what I’m talking about. A small article recommending […]

Concept of Custom Content Marketing

If you are interested in making your business grow in the market you have to impress your clients with good quality and value for money products and services. Today, customers always have the power of information through internet and therefore it takes them only a minute to know which products and services are better than […]

ARC Platform for Marketers

Marketers across the world always have to balance between giving their clients the best services and to ensure that they receive the maximum profit in the limited amount of budget that they have. Hence, most marketing companies often go for simple SEO tricks that can help the companies to gain good amount of market exposure […]

How to Boost Your SEO Ranking Through Twitter

If your business doesn’t appear on the first page of a Google search, you don’t exist. That may not be entirely true. Of course, you still have a business, office, employees, clients, customers, and more. But it will be significantly harder for you to expand your business if people can’t find you easily on the […]