In the last few weeks i was looking for ways to make wordpress editor better. The main problem that i was to be solved was to stop wordpress editor to auto remove <p> or <br> html tags that i enter trough the HTML editor. The other aspect was the posibility to be able to work with some advanced features of  content editing, such as tables and other features.

For the first problem i found some plugins to quick fix that and i was happy. For the second issue i’m still looking for the perfect solution.

The tinyMCE advanced is a plugin that adds new functionality to wordpress RTE editor. The most notable parts are the option to stop the editor to strip <br> and <p> tags added trough the html editor, and the posibility to work with tables, styles.The best part of tinyMCE advanced is that you can control what buttons to show when you edit a post or page, and you edit this with drag and drop feature. You can use up to 4 tool bars max, but they are optional. You can arrange the buttons in the way you like, so you can put the buttons that you use often in a place to find them easily.

The other good part is that you can set it to prevent the editor to strip html code that you enter trough the html editor.

Among the features you can find:

  • Table editing
  • Advanced image editor
  • Layers
  • Styles

There are many others, probably everything you are looking for, so it will be better to list the things that tinyMCE editor can’t do.