Some people are opening every website they like to read the latest articles, but most readers will want to receive all posts from blogs they like directly inside their favorite RSS feed reader. When someone reads your content from a Feed reader ( such as Google Reader ), he will see only your content and not the ads, related posts, and any other adverts where you earn money on. Starting today, you can change this.
To get more value from readers that get your content directly into a feed reader, you can use a plugin to alter the content of the feed, and add different things, such as: related posts, featured posts, social media buttons and even blog comments. In this way, the non-visiting readers will be more likely to click a link to go to your website, share or comment on your content.

Not only your readers will use the data that you provide trough your RSS feed. But automated blogs and content scrappers. At first, people only shared only the summary of the article trough RSS feed. Readers were forced to visit the website to read whole content. It was researched that readers were annoyed by this, and quit reading the blog at a higher rate.

If you run your website on wordpress, the best way to take more benefits from your rss readers it “MaxBlogPress Bring my visitors back” plugin. It will add related posts, social buttons and comments inside your rss feed, and they will be displayed in feed readers and other blogs that copy your content.

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