WordPress is used for almost all blogs over the Internet, and lately on more and more websites. The best thing about wordpress is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to start your own blog or website. With the help of the community, you have what you need to make your blog to represent you.

If we break up a wordpress site into 3 big parts we will have the functionality, the design and the content. The functionality consist of WordPress core and few plugins developed by the community. The design consist in a theme that you can easily find in many places where wordpress themes are hosted. The content can be easily added from the administration panel. So, you can deal with a wordpress website without any programming or design knowledge. However, there are few things that you need to know. 


You can do many things with less work, but you still need some guidance. Every new website or blog need a domain and a hosting account. If you never brought a domain or a hosting service you can’t finish your task. The setup of the domain and hosting are very easy but you need some guidance to accomplish it. Then, your website needs some basic functionality that you can achieve trough right plugins. The plugin installation is so easy that a 5 year old kid can do, but you need to know the names of the basic plugins you need. There are few settings that need to be done for your website to function properly.

Themes are very easy to install, but you must know where to search for good wordpress themes. If you want to save your time and do in few hours what you can do in 1 week if you want to figure out yourself everything and have no clue where to start from, you should follow a WordPress Set-up Video Course. You can go to Udemy and watch “How to run a website with WordPress” course so you can get step by step video instructions to set-up your website right away.