I have few websites that receive a lot of traffic and consume a lot of resources. Shared hosting is not a solution for me, and should not be a solution for you if you want to ever succed online. Shared web hostings are slow. The speed is affecting your search engine rankinks, your visitor happiness and ultimately, your outcome.

Most new webmasters does not have the budget to go directly to a dedicated or cloud server, which are very expensive. However, there is a smart solution for everyone: VPS. You get your dedicated resources, but you buy only the resources that you need. 

After going trough several of the most popular web hosting providers, I have noticed that most of them try to make webmasters to pay for more than they need. A website requires usually less than 100MB disk space to run. Unless you have a video hosting website, odds are that you won’t ever need more than 1GB of memory, if the website is decent optimized.

Most VPS hosting providers have VPS plans that start from 80GB of more of drive space. On the other hand, at the smalles plan, they offer you only 512MB or memory. While small website can run correctly on low memory, a VPS server means that you have your own operating system ( linux usually ) installed on a virtual machine on a greater server, with resources guaranteed. The operating system itself and the other software needed to run your website will eat most of your 512MB memory, and your website will still run slow even if you have your own virtual server. You need more memory so you can get a good speed. So, you good memory for a server, while the disk space and traffic is not that impotant.

If you want to get a decent memory ( at least 2 or 4GB ) you have to overpay for all other aspects, because on higher plans, they will also provide you with higher disk space, and higher traffic. And you end up paying 70-100$ for a VPS, while a dedicated server starts from $90. That’s not a good business.

What you need is a VPS server that you can customize as you want. A server where you can have more memory, but less disk space. The only VPS hosting provider that allowed me to to this is myhosting.com