Running an online business with international audience can be a pain in the ass if you are outside US. Even if the website is working for all people you will shortly notice that users from United States are using your website the most. They are the biggest English speaking countries and the Internet is very well spread. More, if you sell something you will also notice that a vast majority of your buyers are from US. If you sell advertising too, your customers will want to know how much US traffic do you have, so this is your main target, even if you don’t want to.

Analyzing from the other perspective ( the service user ), you will notice that most of the services you need for your online business are mostly based in US: hosting company, email marketing service, advertising agency, payment processor and many other services.

So, what you do when you have to contact your service providers or you want to provide a support number for your customers ? Will you pay high charges from your mobile carrier ? You will do when you have no other option and when it is imperious necessary. But your users won’t call you on your international number.

The solution used by most Internet Business owners that were not based in US was to ask someone to buy a mobile phone and send them. However, all sent or received calls were incurring roaming charges that can be very high sometimes. Another method was to buy a service that offered an US number and redirected it to your phone. But it is the same problem, there are high costs when you call trough that phone.

Here is the best solution for you: Scratch Wireless. Scratch Wireless offers you the power to make calls directly trough wireless. You buy a Scratch Phone with $269 ( a smartphone with android ), and the Scratch Service is already installed. When you first turn on the phone, you register to their website and you can call any US number only trough Wireless. You don’t have to pay a single penny. You also get a US number so anyone can reach you there.

The Scratch Wireless network offers free calls and text while on Wifi. It works everywhere where you have a Wireless Connection. The smartphone you get is a Motorola Photon Q, a full featured Android Phone that also have a physical sliding keyboard.