I have a passion to browse trough wordpress plugins and see what everyone does. I am amazed by how many things you can do with wordpress by installing plugins. It is almost full customizable, you can change it in exact the way you want.

Everything stands in the right plugins, and you can change wordpress completely, and i want to share with you what i find.

The usability of wordpress admin panel stands in how fast you can access the most important areas of the website or blog. You can add a new post with only one click, but if you have a lot of pages then you have to change them more times that you add a new one. The process of editing a page can consist in 2 or more clicks. You have to go to edit pages, then click edit on the page you want.

Well, the Easily navigate pages on dashboard plugin will make your life easier when you want to edit pages. After you install the plugin, on the dashboard will appear a tree with pages created on your website. When you click on one of them you will be sent directly to edit that page.

I want to test and share with you as many plugins as i can, finally to be able to make a categorized list with plugins that really make the wordpress management better.