WordPress is very popular today and if you ask around everyone will say that you can install wordpress in 2 minutes, you can find thousands of themes available for free. It is true, but you can’t expect to find thousands of quality themes. If you really want to stand out with your blog or website, you must have a quality design.

Recently I found ThemeFuse. They provide high quality original wordpress themes. From all the premium themes on the Internet, they are by far the best. You will find creative wordpress themes for any topic or niche you are in: sports, health, lifestyle, photography, art and many more. They also have universal themes that you can use for personal blogs or websites that does not fall in any popular category. 

What I like the most about ThemeFuse is that they care about their clients. They provide full dedicated support for every theme you buy. You can see that by visiting their support forum. There is nothing better from a theme developer than the quality of support. Whenever you have a problem, or a question, you just ask in the forums and they will respond in the shortest time possible. Another great feature that proves me they have the best customer care, is the one click auto-install function. You just download a 100kb script from their site and you can install any theme automatically in few seconds.

There is one thing that I didn’t liked about premium themes. They looked perfect in the demo, but when I installed it on my new empy wordpress installation it was completely different. In fact, it was the same theme, but I did not had the content, the images the text required to look the same. If you get any theme from ThemeFuse, there is an option that will let you to automatically import the demo content, the same content that you see in the demo preview on their website. I will call this: “what you see is what you get”.

The feature I mentioned above is provided by their own framework that you will get with every theme purchase. The Fuse framework will give you the ability to modify the look and settings of the theme from the administration panel. Among the features that you will find in the framework are: custom posts, shortcodes, you can add and customize sliders, you can add new sidebars, etc. This is the first time for me when I can add a new sidebar directly from the administration panel so I can later add widgets to it.

If you think that you head enough, I can tell you that I still have some good things to say about ThemeFuse. I will start with the Blog where they post unique and quality tutorials and tricks for wordpress. More, every week they give away stuff they create for free. Every week you can get nice buttons, discount designs, sidebars, etc, created by their team.

If you are unsure that a specific theme that you like won’t fit your text or your images, there is a solution for you. In the Test Labs, you can test any template for 2 weeks. They will give you access to a test installation on their server, and you can upload your content to see how it will look. If your content fits then you can buy it anytime, else, you have no obligation.

After a theme is brought and installed on a blog, there are some customization needed. They work with Certified Customization Partners, from around the world, that will be available to make any customization for you on your specifications.

Now, it is time to visit the site and see some great wordpress templates.