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Hostgator Hosting for only 1$/month.

If you don’t know already, hostgator provides the best hosting around. There is no doubt. The truth is that hostgator is pretty expensive compared to other small web hosting companies, but it is worth the money you pay. My blog is hosted on hostgator and it ias working great. Tomorrow is Black Friday and anywhere […]

How to choose a great domain name

I know this was discussed again and again, but although the choosing of a domain name should take you very few time it is very important. You will have to spell your domain name thousand of times, you will have to write your domain name million of times. Your visitors will hear, read or type […]

Are you tired of your shared hosting ?

When you start your website you certainly go for a shared hosting plan. It is very cheap these days and you’ll find it perfect for your start-up. But what when your website grows ? You start to search for alternatives but there is no way to pay a dedicated server ? A VPS is the […]

When you know it is time to move to a new Host

Like all bloggers and webmasters you start either with a shared hosting, wither you ask a friend if he can help you with hosting for your site. You assume that your website will not generate too much traffic. It is true, a shared hosting can be the best choice. A shared hosting means that on […]

Use a caching plugin on wordpress to avoid server load when

If you are on a shared server and you want to prevent your site going down due to massive traffic that comes to your wordpress you may consider installing a plugin that caches your pages. WordPress is keeping all the data into a mysql database. The database connections are very slow sometimes and use the […]