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Ways In Which Google AMP Will Affect Your Marketing Strategy

There are some design or search trends you can choose to ignore. Google AMP is definitely not one of those trends. It is already having a significant impact on online marketing strategies across the globe. Its biggest impact is on SEO marketing strategies, but its influence can be felt elsewhere as well.

LG Promotes New Optimus 2X

Have you ever heard that you got fined because you were walking slow? Well, that sounds ridiculous and intriguing as well and LG has tried this new marketing way to promote the launch of their all new LG Optimus 2X. LG has definitely tried the best marketing strategy that can catch the attention of the […]

The best free wordpress theme i’ve found so far

Searching for a good wordpress theme is not hard, but it is a very important step when you want to start a blog or website with wordpress. The problem is that there are so many themes that it is very hard to decide. There are so many that you are never convinced that the theme […]