This discussion can generate a long debate. Some people will say that the most important is quality content, other people will say it is traffic. Most people will think that you need  to be consistent in all areas to succeed. The last statement is probably the closest to truth, but if you need to single out the most important thing in blogging, which would that be ? 

If you manage to bring a lot of traffic to your blog, but you have crappy 50 word articles where you describe what you ate at breakfast, then you can’t do well in the long run. You should notice that it is time to write good content. If you put up some quality 2000 word articles but very few people read them then you are at lose again.

After a month of working, if you start seeing some results, people are starting to like and comment on your posts, but you barely make 10 cents a day with google ads,  you start to think that maybe you should do something else and quit to blog. You are making the biggest mistake.

The Most Important Thing in Blooging is: Don’t Give Up.

Maybe the things are not working so well, but you can’t expect to have thousand of visitors to your every post from the first month. You may think that maybe your content is not good enough and you should quit, or there are enough people who write about the same thing and you should also quit. It is not true. In blogging, your opinion and your personal way of seeing things is very important.

Maybe the figures are not so promising. If you make only few cents a day you think that you need to do 100 times more work to do 10$ a day. False! Once your blog grows, visitors start coming back, articles will be shared more and more and you only need to continue to reach that level.

Probably you are not doing everything right, but on the way you will learn and you will adapt. Do you think that big bloggers that you are reading started big  and 100,000 people read their first blog post ? No, they worked hard to achieve success.

To explain this better, here is an image courtesy of SeoMoz, that will help you understand why giving up is bad.