Nowadays loading speed is very important for a website. Google put more value on the loading speed of the websites and if a website loads very slow, a lot of visitors will leave the page even before the content was loaded.

The most important advantage of a web hosting company is speed, but if you just want to find out which is the fastest web hosting company you may end up finding the wrong one. You can read and view test and benchmarks made on different web hosting companies and web hosting accounts until you decide which is the fastest, but the chance that you overlook a very important aspect of the speed of the web hosting is very high. It is the location.

If you are located in Europe and you try to load a website located in your own country you will get incredible fast loading speed, but if you want to load a website hosted in US then you will think that it is very slow, even if the website is loading lighting fast from a user near it.

It is very important that if you are located in Los Angeles and your business is attracting the most visitors from your region, to buy it from los angeles hosting company. There is no reason to care how fast a website is loaded from Bahrain when most of your visitors are from Los Angeles.

The same is available for dedicated servers. If you get a dedicated server don’t mean that you the website will be loaded in under a second from anywhere in the world. They only guarantee you the server, not the line between your city and all cities around the globe. There is a very high chance that your website hosted on a dedicated server to be loaded slower from Norway than any other shared web hosting from European Union.

So, if your most visitors are located near Los Angeles look at  los angeles dedicated servers. There is no reason to spend some money on a dedicated server if it is hosted very far from where your visitors are located.