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WPTouch This plugin is very useful for the programmer on the go. And already this is starting to look like and sound like a TV commercial, but I can assure you this is more than just that.

Let your visitors to convert word to pdf on your website

WordPress is so interesting because you can do so many things with so few clicks. Now, you can even provide your visitors with the ability to convert word documents to pdf with a simple and free plugin. I know that it is very simple to do this on your computer by installing few programs, but […]

Build a membership website with Wishlist

WordPress is no longer a blogging platform. Now you can do almost whatever you want: real estate listings, social network, social bookmarking website, product presentation website. The most important is that you can do all of these with ease, because the wordpress community reached the maturity and there are all kind of plugins that will […]

13 000 plugins and counting

The wordpress plugin directory hosts over 13 000 plugins right now. The number of plugins developed for wordpress have raised in the last year. In the same period of 2010 we could find only 7000 plugins in the wordpress official plugin directory. This means we are not counting plugins that for any reason are not […]

How to Make a Complete Shop in WordPress

As you already know, WordPress is great for customizations and there are thousands of things you can do. Social networks, shop sites, product presentation, blogs, infinite choices. Once you get deeper into developing your website you find out that it is not so easy if you don’t know css, html and php. There are too […]

The best free way to add membership ability to your WordPress website

With wordpress being more and more popular, the need to do more advanced things grows as well. Simple websites, simple blogs that become popular posting articles or doing something else want to expand their reach and add more features and functionality to websites. A point that every website reach at a certain moment is to […]

How to create a page that looks different than your wordpress theme

Creating one or more pages that looks completely different from your wordpress theme is a challenge. I am asked this many times every day. Why would someone need to create a page that will show different from other pages ? The most common use is a landing page. On a landing page you don’t want […]

Five plugins to make your blog viral, while protecting it from spam comment activities

WordPress provides a lot of extensions which often confuse fresh WP owners. Furthermore, a variety of plugins exist that serve identical main objective and have exactly the same capabilities. Here are some basic plugins to get you up and running, without hassle and complicated set up. WordPress itself is pretty diverse, but it is the […]

How to make your website multilingual with WordPress

Having a multilingual blog or website is a decision that many website owners have to make. If you don’t live in an english speaking country then your native language differs from english and you ask yourself what language to write your website in. If you want to go global, the answer is definately english, but […]

Top 7 most popular plugins of 2010

One of the best reasons for using WordPress is the online community of experienced software designers which generate dozens of useful plugins. Should you look at the WordPress Plugin Directory you will certainly discover thousands of accessible software ready to supply your own WordPress blog/site with some extra personality. In fact, there is actually a […]