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WordPress versus Joomla

When you’re looking forward to creating a website, you will probably try some of the content management systems. Two of the most popular among them are WordPress and Joomla. In this post I will try to explain some of the major advantages and disadvantages of these two systems.

3 Ways to Speed Up Your Site

For better or worse, as a society we’ve become less patient as we become more technologically advanced. There was a time when the only way to get online was with a 14.4 kbs modem. You would hear that funny, staticky beepy noise and wait as your dial-up connection was established with an ISP. Then, you […]

LG Promotes New Optimus 2X

Have you ever heard that you got fined because you were walking slow? Well, that sounds ridiculous and intriguing as well and LG has tried this new marketing way to promote the launch of their all new LG Optimus 2X. LG has definitely tried the best marketing strategy that can catch the attention of the […]

How memory is affecting your working experience

Memory is not only important for remembering things like to buy milk in your way home when you go back from work, or to call your accountant to tell him that something changed. If you learn a lot of things and your memory don’t help, you waste a lot of time. Although you can write […]

Can Java development to be brought to the web ?

Java is one of the most popular programming languages. The main advantage of Java is the cross-platform capabilities. Probably the most important feature is that it is very different. The code is not compiled like c++ or other compiled languages. In the C++ case, a program that is compiled on windows won’t work on other […]

What you need to start a website

I’ve talked a lot here on my blog about how easy is to start a website using wordpress content management system. Basically, it is easier than reading this post, but starting up a website with wordpress is not what you want. You don’t want a website, you want an online business, even if it is […]

How to Properly Install Your Open Source (Free) Software

When you are using open source software, you are accessing software that has source code that is not only made available to the general public, but can be changed and modified in any way by the general public, as well. What do you mean you don’t read binary? When the open source product is distributed, […]

Tips for Getting Your First Website Online

In the earlier stages of the internet the look of a website was the one of the most or if not the most important factors that a company or individual prioritized during the planning and construction of a site. Since a lot has changed through the years this type of strategy is no longer as […]

YouTuber? Find an App for Any Activity

Because people have gone so crazy for YouTube these days, everyone is trying to get the most of her or his viral experience. Whether it is to download these videos onto the computer or to try and pull a live song onto their MP3 player, there are no shortage of practical uses for the YouTube […]

Facebook Chat replacement for Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo messenger was very popular in the last several years in many areas. While other services like MSN, ICQ are failing in front of Google or Facebook chat, yahoo messenger is still growing despite of huge competition. Probably the next big thing in the industry is the Facebook chat, but let’s be honest, it is […]